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About Special Services

R'Club is proud to partner with the Juvenile Welfare Board (JWB) to offer consultative training and support for preschool children with behavioral issues that can lead to difficulties finding and maintaining stable childcare placement. The issues can be the result of physical or emotional disabilities, drug or substance abuse in the home, being victims of child abuse or other unstable living conditions.

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Funded by the Juvenile Welfare Board (JWB)
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Special Services

Our Special Services programs are funded by the Juvenile Welfare Board (JWB) and offer various services to help children succeed in their early education environments.

They include:
Project Challenge
Project Challenge offers many different services to help young children and their families get a good start. Our professional staff work with parents and caregivers on an ongoing basis to help children become more successful in the childcare environment and at home. Regular team meetings are held with the caregiver and agency staff to find creative solutions for problem issues.

Eligibility requirements:

Children ages 0-5 years
Attending a childcare setting
Having behavioral/emotional concerns in that setting
2023 Project Challenge Training Flyer

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New Beginnings

New Beginnings provides professional staff to work with parents and caregivers to ensure that each child is developmentally on target and provide intervention and referral services as needed. Each child is given developmental screenings regularly, and when there is a concern, it is addressed immediately. Home assessments also are offered to parents to help them find the best ways to work with each child.

Eligibility requirements:

Children ages 0-5 years
Prenatally exposed to drugs or alcohol
The child must be in, or in need of child care services.

New Beginnings February Training

The Florida Center Training Institue

Child Care Outreach Program

The Child Care Outreach Program assists families with finding appropriate child care for their children ages 0-5 years with any disability, severe behavior/emotional issues, or health barriers. Child Care Outreach staff helps parents place their children into high-quality child care settings. The staff also provides training on disabilities to the directors and staff of licensed child care centers and family child care homes.

Eligibility requirements:

Children ages 0-5 years
Have a disability, serious health condition, or a developmental delay
Live with a guardian or parent
The child must be in, or in need of child care services.

Child Care Outreach Trainings

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Juvenile Welfare Board

For more information about the Juvenile Welfare Board, click here

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