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About Special Services

R’Club Special Services Program consist of three components which work with childcare providers and parents to address social-emotional or behavioral challenges/ trauma, disability, or health barriers and prenatal exposure to drugs and alcohol. R’Club Specials Services serves children from birth to five in the Pinellas County area. This programs is funded by the Juvenile Welfare Board (JWB) which allows us to provide these service at no cost to the families and childcare providers we serve.

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Project Challenge

Project Challenge serves children who exhibit mild to moderate behavioral challenges/trauma. The goal of this innovative program is to help children succeed in their child care or preschool setting by supporting parents and child care staff in developing positive techniques to address behavioral challenges. Eligibility requirement: Attending a child care setting, having behavioral/social-emotional challenges or trauma.

Eligibility Requirements

Attending a childcare setting
Having behavioral/social emotional challenges or trauma


New Beginnings

New Beginnings recognizes the special needs of children who were exposed to prenatal drugs and alcohol. This voluntary program focuses on supporting and assisting these unique children and their families. New Beginnings provides professional staff to work with parents and caregivers to ensure that each child is developmentally on target and provide intervention and referral services as needed. Each child is given developmental screenings regularly, and when there is a concern, it is addressed immediately. Home assessments also are offered to parents to help them find the best ways to work with each child. Program Eligibility: Attending child care setting, prenatally exposed to drugs or alcohol.

Eligibility requirements:

Children ages 0-5 years
Prenatally exposed to drugs or alcohol
The child must be in, or in need of child care services.

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Child Care Outreach Program

Child Care Outreach recognizes that all children have a unique potential which can be realized with a supportive, nurturing early environment. Child Care Outreach focuses on helping families and childcare providers to understand and meet the needs of children with disabilities, serious health concerns, or severe behavioral diagnosis. Child Care Outreach provides developmental assessments; frequency is based on the age of the child. Eligibility requirements: Attending child care setting, have a disability, developmental delay or serious health condition (no diagnosis required)

Eligibility requirements:

Children ages 0-5 years
Have a disability, serious health condition, or a developmental delay
Live with a guardian or parent
The child must be in, or in need of child care services.


Juvenile Welfare Board

For more information about the Juvenile Welfare Board, click here


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Since our founding, R'Club has been dedicated to serving the needs of our youth throughout our community. We have a number of locations within Pinellas County to best serve you. Search, and find your nearest location.