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USF and R’Club Child Care partner together for Family Science Nights

R’Club is excited to announce a creative and innovative partnership with the University of South Florida where undergraduate and graduate students volunteers are providing  a series of Family Science Nights for elementary and middle school age students participating in R’Club programs. Family Science Nights are essentially a science fair in reverse. Children and their families have the opportunity to attend and participate in STEM-based games, hands-on science activities and demonstrations  in an open-house type format.  The science demos are designed to be self-contained, fun, inspiring and interactive. Explanations and follow-on questions are attached to each demo to help start discussions between students, volunteers and family members as students and parents work together to conduct simple inquiry-based, interactive science experiences using materials and written instructions provided by USF. (Instructions are written in both, English and in Spanish).

The first Family Science Night was held October 26th, 2017 at Seminole Middle School in conjunction with the 18th annual Keeping Lights On Afterschool. Thirty five students participated along with parents/guardians and school faculty while eight (8) USF Chemistry students prepared and facilitated 15 different “hands on”  science activities for the students.

The second Family Science Night will be held at New Heights Elementary November 8th, 2017  4:00 PM - 6:00 PM



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