R'Club parents know that when before and after school programs are available to their children they have access to safe environments, enriching learning activities, positive social experiences and academic support. R'Club parents value before and after school programs for the vital services and safe places they provide to their children while they are at work.

However, currently tens thousands of Florida's families are waiting for tuition assistance for early care and education, and before and after-school programs. This includes thousands in Pinellas County alone (hundreds based on reduced age of eligibility). Recent changes

in local funding eliminated financial support for almost all children over age 8 from low income working families...and now they no longer are counted on any waiting list.

You as parents are your child's strongest advocate. Working together, parents can be an even stronger voice for all of Florida's children. State legislators who vote on how your tax dollars are spent will listen to you! Please call them, write them, e-mail them or fax them, and urge them to include before and after school programs in the bills that fund the services your children need and deserve.

Your voice counts! Contact your Legislators!

CLICK HERE to find out who is your legislator and how to contact him or her (courtesy of The Children's Campaign).