R'Club Child Care, Inc. was established in 1976 in Pinellas County as a not-for-profit organization to provide high quality, accessible and affordable school age child care in response to a critical need identified by a community wide task force. Over the years, R'Club has expanded to include locations in and outside of Pinellas County and provides full day preschool and before and after school and extended learning programs for more than 3,000 children daily at more than 45 centers, serving children ages 2 - 14 (infants and 1 year olds in selected centers), and exceptional students ages 3 - 22.   In addition, RíClub also provides HIPPY (Home Instruction for Parents of Preschool Youngsters), a model home visitor early literacy program with a long history (1960ís) of measured success in getting children ready for school.

As a pioneer and community leader in the provision of youth development programs and services, today R'Club serves children and their families at more than 45 before and after school programs, exceptional student centers, preschools and middle school youth development programs in Pinellas and Hillsborough Counties.
Typically, RíClub programs score 100% on all Child Care Licensing Board reviews, Health Department reviews and Fire Safety reviews.  RíClubís HIPPY program leads the state of Florida in success and averages 82% of its graduates (5 year olds) being ready for school when entering Kindergarten, far exceeding the overall Pinellas County readiness scores

R'Club's reputation for quality, safety and accountability is unparalleled in its field. R'Club provides care for more than 400 children daily who have special needs and operates extended learning programs in both exceptional student education centers in Pinellas County - Nina Harris and Paul B. Stephens. These two programs serve some of the most fragile students in Pinellas County Schools.

R'Club's leadership is unmatched with a dedicated, diverse, and experienced staff, effective teamwork, a diverse board, strong ties to the community and solid relationships with our families.  We thank the families and supporters of R'Club for partnering with us to make R'Club the safe, secure and fun learning place that it has always strived to be, and that it has become and will continue to strive for excellence.